Craiglist is an awesome marketplace connecting buys with sellers at the speed of light. I’ve posted things for sale and have sold it to someone within the same hour. Unfortunately their is some risk when meeting with strangers.

I wanted to give some tips on what I do when meeting someone. These apply to both purchasing and selling items.

1. The first and most important tip is to meet in a public setting. I can’t stress this enough. Unless you’re selling a pool table or some other large item, bring it with you someplace public, well lit, and safe. I usually choose a close by Starbucks or shopping complex.

2. It’s always safer having someone with you. Bring a friend.

3. Be on time. It’s awkward enough meeting up with a stranger with out them showing up 10 min. late.

4. I carry enough money to meet the purchase price, but will keep part of it separate. That way if they accept the lower amount I offer, I don’t feel like an ass when they see me riffling though the extra bills I’m carrying.

5. Look over the item you’re buying! My dumb roommate in college bought a slide phone that someone’s dog took a bite out of. Of coarse when he called the guy back he told him tough love and to go kick rocks. Don’t be afraid to play with the camera, roll out the rug, or look the horse in it’s mouth.

6. I come with the expectation that the person is going to try to talk me down. I had a guy hand me $93 in cash ~$1.64 in change and tried to offer the other~ $15 in pirated dvds. I found that most people don’t try to haggle. Still, have your walking price in your head and don’t be afraid to say no.



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