Here is a step by step guide on how to utilize MonitorHits free Craigslist tracking service. If you prefer learning via video (the Bob Ross way) check out our video tutorial.

Step 1. ) Navigate to Pretty Easy.


An image of the button that navigates you to the free craigslist tracking page

Link to craigslist tracking page

Step 2. ) Click the Generate Tracking Code button on the top right corner of any page. It’s big, it’s blue, and it’s really hard to miss.


Naming your code to easily find it later

Name your code to easily identify it later

Step 3. ) If you are posting multiple ads, its much easier to distinguish between them if you name the codes when generating. Wow what an amazing feature right?

Selecting and Copying a craigslist tracking code

Copying the craigslist tracking code


Step 4. ) After naming your ad (optional), copy the entire code in the text area. Do you find it difficult to click copy?


image of craigslist ad with tracking code being installed

Step 5. ) Navigate to your Craigslist post and paste it below your description. When you have completed your ad and pasted the tracking code, click the continue button.


a view of what the traking code looks like before it gets posted

Step 6. ) After clicking continue, you will see the ad badge appear. This is a confirmation that you successfully installed the code. You rock.


an image of what's tracking interface looks like


Step 7. ) Once your ad is live you can either click the ad badge from your Craigslist ad, or sign in to your account (only if you were logged inĀ  when generating the code). Cool kids have a log in.

Now you’re a junkie. We are in the process of forming a help group for fellow addicts.





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2 Responses to The Free Craigslist Ad Tracker –

  1. Steve Morris says:

    Hi Nick do you delete codes you are done with and clean up so you can start fresh?