Who’s better at selling merchandise than the marketers who promoted the products in the first place? Why not use images and descriptions from the rich sales materials that the manufacturer developed to sell these items in the first place?

When I sell something on Craigslist, I’ll Google the product and look for images, product descriptions, and specs to include in my post. I also make sure to start each post with a more personal message including the condition of the item (so people aren’t surprised when the item is not brand new). I also recommend including a couple pictures you took yourself to further convey the condition and authenticity.

I sold my dog’s kennel last weekend, and included the stock image from the website I originally bought it on (see below). I also copied theĀ  marketing text verbatim. I had over ten inquiries and sold the kennel for the asking price. This technique has helped me sell many items and I’d recommend it to anyone. Why aren’t car dealers including stock images and links to the original television commercials?

How do you improve conversions on Craigslist? Reply below!

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One Response to Stand Out and Sell More Using Manufacturer Marketing Materials

  1. allen says:

    I have had success with using a “stock” image and the manufacturer specs. Like yourself I then go into specifics on condition. it seems to help sell items. So I stick with what works.