Have you noticed all the car dealers adding scrambled text to their Craigslist post? It usually shows up as random words most of the time having nothing to do with the post (See image below), or a mix of random characters.

If you’re familiar with posting on Craigslist, you will know they have very strict spam policies. If they catch you posting the same or a similar ad within 48 hours, they will delete or ghost your ad automatically through the use of algorithms that identify similar wording.

Some genius has found a solution to bypass the text matching program by injecting random wording. This tricks Craigslist into thinking its looking at two completely different ads.

*I want to ad that I do not endorse this trick. I respect Craigslist’s policies and anyone who relies on craigslist should too. I’m curious if they will be able to figure out how to block this form of spam.



Craigslist Scrambled Words

An example of a car dealer adding scrambled text to a craigslist post









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