AN image of a link or chainYou may be asking why you should bother linking your images. Here are a few examples of how this trick can improve your craigslist  effort.

  • It’s sometimes difficult to get a feeling for the company behind a craigslist ad. If you have a quality website, you should link to it as much as possible to build credibility with your visitors.
  • People may be interested in different inventory, services, or properties you offer. Getting them to your website let’s you introduce something they may want more than what was in your original post.
  • People often want to see high quality (large) images when shopping online, especially if the item is used. Quality images can help you stand out from your competitors.


Step 1) Hosting the image

Craigslist offers convenient hosting for 8 mid-size images, but unfortunately they do not allow you to add links to the images.

To have more control over images you must host them yourself or through a third party website such as Here is a list of the top 15 image hosting websites.

A note on image sizing – Your craigslist image should not be so small people can’t see it or so large it doesn’t fit on their monitors. An ideal image size for craigslist placement is around 400-700 pixels wide. Most of the image hosting sites I referred to above offer a resizing option.


Step 2) Creating the code to display and link your image

Once you have successfully hosted your image, take your image URL and website URL and paste them into the following template.

<a href=”YOUR WEBSITE URL”><img src=”YOUR IMAGE URL”></a>

Here is an example of an image I hosted that I linked back to

<a href=””><img src=””></a>


Step 3) Paste the Code into Your Craigslist Ad

While creating your ad, paste the code into the post’s description where you want the image(s) to appear.

Now you’re a lot smarter… and I respect you more.



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2 Responses to Linking Craigslist Images to a Website

  1. allen says:

    I prefer imagebam as an image host (not sure if I can give a link here) . I take my photos with a 12 megapixel cameras built into my droid phone. I then email all of them as attachments to my gmail account (from me to me). Then when I get on my laptop and log into gmail I choose download all attachments. It comes as a nice little zip file (named Imagebam has zip upload. I choose the zip, upload it (no registering required) and it spits out individual links for CL, or discussion boards or direct links to jpg. So if your a newbie you just copy and paste. It will show a thumbnail on CL but a user clicks it and sees the full size pic. I also recommend formatting your ad so it looks nice. A simple trick that I do is center my post and pics. All you do is add the center tag ( with no spaces.