How helpful would it be if all of your viewers could easily see all of your ads on craigslist? This tip is very useful for car dealers, real estate agents, and anyone who frequently lists multiple things on Craigslist at one time.

Last month I posted three craigslist ads together and hyper-linked them to each other using the Craigslist search tool. I predicted that my ads would see more viewers since they were all listed in different sections of Craigslist. Below is a step-by-step guide on how I accomplished this. Enjoy :)


Step 1 – Create a unique number combination and add it to your post’s description

I randomly typed a 24 character string “872394857p23498572394875 ” and added it to the bottom of my posting description (see image). The value of the string is not important, but it needs to be unique. The craigslist search tool will find this unique number in all of my ads and will display only my active posts in the search results.

Unique Number on Craigslist Ad


Step 2 – Add a search hyperlink to your post

I created a hyperlink on my posting that says “Click here to see what else I’m selling on craigslist! “. The link takes viewers to “” where all of my ads are displayed. To create the link, I performed a search using my unique number on my town’s craigslist site and copied the search result url address (see image).

Grab the Craigslist Search URL


Here is the code I used to add the hyperlink to my post<a href=”;subAreaID=&amp;query=872394857p23498572394875&amp;catAbb=sss” rel=”nofollow“>Click here to see what else I’m selling on craigslist!</a>

Unique Hyperlink on Craigslist Ad


Step 3 – Add the unique number and hyperlink to each post

Add the unique number and search hyperlink to your other ads to link them together.


Linking craigslist ads together


Now your posts are all linked together and your visitors can easily jump between your ads!

I hope you enjoy this tip. If you have any tips that you would like to share, please let me know!




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  1. Don Hoyt says:

    Brilliant idea Nick! Thanks for the post!

  2. you have given wonderful information for everyone.I like it.